Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems

  • An Integrated Compendium of Twenty Encyclopedias
  • Peer reviewed body of state-of-the-art archival knowledge edited by hundreds of subject experts with contributions from over 8000 reputed authors from more than 100 countries
  • http://www.eolss.net

The first Earth Summit of 1992, Rio de Jeneiro, issued a document that is now famous as Agenda 21 which refers to the Earth's Life Support Systems, considering the whole of our planet as a grand intensive care unit supporting all forms of life and human engineered systems. The EOLSS is based on this concept and definition of 'Life Support Systems' and developed under the auspices of the UNESCO and the direction of the UNESCO-EOLSS Joint Committee.

It is a nested 'Encyclopedia of Encyclopedias', presenting a wide range of subjects from state-of-the-art panoramic overviews to in-depth presentations. Subjects include: Earth and Atmospheric Sciences; Biological, Physiological and Health sciences; Mathematical and Physical Sciences; Chemical Sciences; Water Sciences and Engineering; Energy Sciences and Engineering; Biotechnology; Tropical Biology and Conservation Management; Land Use, Land Cover and Soil Sciences; Control Systems, Robotics and Automation; Environmental and Ecological Sciences and Engineering; Food and Agricultural Sciences; Human Resources Policy, Development, and Management; Natural Resources Policy; Development and Economic Sciences; Ships and Offshore Structures; Regional Sustainable Development; Social Sciences and Humanities; Institutional and Infrastructural Resources.

Unlike most encyclopedias, the contents of which are alphabetically arranged, EOLSS body of knowledge is thematically organized. EOLSS is a convenient reference for traditional disciplines and interdisciplinary subjects and provides a holistic understanding of many current problems through transdisciplinary pathways. It is rapidly becoming the most sought-after authoritative reference in the world as it is accessible online from anywhere in the world with the touch of a button. It is augmented and updated as often as every month making the EOLSS as a virtual living library.

EOLSS body of knowledge is also made available in the form of e-books in pdf format. Presently about 240 e-books (volumes) are ready and gradually this number will increase to ultimately capture the entire EOLSS-online body of knowledge in about 600 volumes. Proposals are presently being studied for making the e-books also available in some major languages in addition to the original set in English in collaboration with the Universal Networking Digital Language (UNDL) Foundation, Geneva, Switzerland.