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This page contains an overview of my edited books. Detailed information about selected books is provided separately; see the "More about..." links next to each book's entry.

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Political Animals and Animal PoliticsPolitical Animals and Animal Politics cover

Edited by David Schlosberg and Marcel Wissenburg, , Palgrave Macmillan, December 2014. With contributions by Manuel Arias Maldonado, Marcel Wissenburg, Chad Flanders, Per-Anders Svärd, Clemens Driessen, David Schlosberg, Christie Smith, Simon Otjes, Kurtis Boyer, and Mihnea Tanasescu.

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Reports for the Telders Foundation

The Telders Foundation is a Dutch liberal think tank, for which I have had the pleasure of cooperating on several research projects.

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Liberal Democracy and Environmentalism: the end of environmentalism?

ECPR European Political Science Series, Marcel Wissenburg and Yoram Levy (eds), London: Routledge 2004. ISBN 0-415-32195-6, ISBN 978-0-203-29967-8 (e-book).

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Sustaining Liberal DemocracySustaining Liberal Democracy: ecological challenges and opportunities

Marcel Wissenburg and John Barry (eds.), London and New York: Palgrave, 2001. ISBN 0-333-91981-5.

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European Discourses on Environmental Policy

Marcel Wissenburg, Gökhan Orhan and Ute Collier (eds.), Aldershot: Ashgate 1999. ISBN 1-84014-777-6.

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Civic politics and civil society

Proceedings (editor) - University of Nijmegen Press, Nijmegen 1995. ISBN 90-3730287-4.

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